Friday, February 18, 2011

Kim Tae Hee

Name: Kim Tae-hee
Korean name:

DOB: March 29, 1980
Birth place: Ulsan, South Korea
Height: 165cm
Blood type: O
Profession: Actress
Kim Tae-hee is one of the most popular Korean actresses; famous for her role in TV drama “Love Story in Harvard”.
Kim Tae-hee made her entertainment debut as a model in late 90s, before started acting in some cameo roles.
Kim’s breakthrough came in 2003 with popular drama “Stairway to Heaven”, co-starring Kwon Sang-woo and Choi Ji-woo. Kim played the bad character in the drama, but her appearance and acting has won her many fans.
Kim Tae-hee then landed a leading role in “Forbidden Love” before starring in “Love Story in Harvard” (LSIH) alongside Kim Rae-won in 2005. LSIH was a great hit in Korea and some Asian countries, and Kim becomes a regional superstar.
LSIH is Kim’s last drama to date; she starred in movie “The Restless” in 2006… a huge budget movie that ended in disappointment. Her latest movie is “Quarrel” (Ssawoom) which is premiering in December 2007.
Kim Tae-hee has been featuring in lots of commercial films; lots of her CF are well received by fans and consumers, but there are critics arguing that she should spend more time on acting in real dramas and movies instead of all the commercials.
One undeniable fact though, Kim Tae-hee still remains as one of the most popular Korean actresses in Asia.
In 2009, Kim acted in the drama IRIS as Choi Seung Hee alongside Lee Byung-Hun who played Kim Hyun Jun.
Kim Tae Hee is also widely known and popular for her natural beauty and has been dubbed by most of Korea's population as "The Most Beautiful Korean Woman."
In 2011, she began acting as the lead in the new MBC drama My Princess alongside Song Seung-heon. My Princess began airing on January 5, 2011.
Kim has a younger brother Lee Wan, who is making himself known through a series of dramas, including Swallow the Sun. He even worked with her on the drama series Stairway to Heaven, where he played her young character's young older brother.
Kim graduated from Seoul National University (major in Fashion Design).

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